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Why Turtles Are Commonly Considered The Best

Birds are beginning to sing their lovely songs in Northern Virginia. Small green shoots have started to make their way to the surface of the soil. With spring weather peeking its mild head up, your mind is filling with the possibilities awaiting the new season. But those ambitions could come to ruin if your landscaping vision is not paired with the proper knowledge and experience. Here are three landscaping problems unique to Virginia, and reasons why it’s valuable to consult with a landscaper native to this beautiful state.

Soil Erosion- Soil erosion is the wearing away of the topsoil. The main cause of soil erosion is water erosion. The force of rain can loosen the soil allowing it to break apart. In heavy rainfalls, the water flow will carry the detached minerals away and the soil structure will suffer. It’s important to consult someone who understands the unique weather related to Northern Virginia to properly advise on the needs of your specific landscape vision.

Shading- Shading can happen in a variety of ways, making it difficult for the grass and smaller plants to get sufficient nutrients from the sun. There are several options for those tricky areas. Groundcovers like Wild Ginger, Ferns, such as the Evergreen Wood Fern, or grasses like Autumn Bentgrass. With Virginia’s rolling hills and thick forests, it’s important to choose the right plants that can thrive in such conditions.

Wildlife- Deer are a large threat to maintaining your beautiful landscape. They enjoy flower buds and well fertilized, over-watered plants. While no plants are entirely immune to deer, they usually prefer soft vegetation with high water content. There are numerous plants that deer will likely steer clear of, such as the Red Buckeye Tree and the Bluebeard Shrub. This is why it’s important to seek out a Landscaper with the experience to protect your landscape.

Soil erosion, complicated shaded areas, and wildlife are only a few of the many challenges presented by the Northern Virginia landscape. You will find the knowledge and experience of working alongside local Lucas & Clark Grounds Company invaluable in helping you achieve the goals for your next landscaping project.