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Preventing Summertime Diseases and Insects in Your Lawn and Garden

Summer is the time when homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor spaces, but it’s also the season when diseases and insects can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. At Lucas & Clark Grounds Company, we know that prevention is key to maintaining a healthy landscape in the Northern Virginia area. In this article, we’ll discuss some common summertime diseases and insects and how to prevent them from damaging your lawn and garden.

Summertime Diseases

Fungal diseases are a common problem in the summer months, and they can affect all types of plants. Some common diseases include powdery mildew, leaf spot, and blight. To prevent these diseases, it’s important to keep your lawn and garden properly watered and fertilized. You should also avoid watering your plants in the evening, as this can promote the growth of fungi. If you notice any signs of disease, such as yellowing or browning of leaves, contact our experts right away to prevent the problem from spreading.

Summertime Insects

Summer is also the time when insects can cause damage to your lawn and garden. Some common pests include aphids, mites, and beetles. To prevent these pests from damaging your landscape, it’s important to keep your plants healthy and well-maintained. Regular trimming and pruning can help prevent overgrowth, which can attract insects. You should also keep an eye out for signs of infestation, such as chewed leaves or webbing on plants.

Summertime Diseases for Lawns

Prevention in Summertime

Preventing summertime diseases and insects requires a proactive approach to lawn and garden care. Here are some tips to help keep your landscape healthy and pest-free:

  • Water your plants in the morning to avoid over-watering or watering in the evening.
  • Regular mowing, trimming, and fertilizing to help keep your landscape healthy.
  • Regular site inspections from your landscape contractor can identify any issues early.
  • Our team can provide an effective IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan to prevent and control diseases and pests in your lawn and garden.

At Lucas & Clark Grounds Company, we understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. If you’re experiencing issues with diseases or pests, or simply want to prevent problems from occurring, contact us today to learn more about our lawn and garden care services. Our team of experts can help you enjoy a pest-free and healthy lawn and garden all summer long.